11. Sınıf Cem İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 3. Ünite Cevapları

11. Sınıf Cem İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 3. Ünite Cevapları

11. Sınıf Cem Web Ofset İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 3. Ünite Hard Times Sayfa 18, 19, 20, 21 Soruları ve Cevaplarını yazımızın devamından okuyabilirsiniz.

11. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 18 Cevapları

1- Make an interview with your parents and grandparents. Ask questions using the prompts. Then, write sentences about how life used to be in the past.


2- Combine the parts of a sentence to make a meaningful sentence.

1. While Jack was walking to school, c. he came across his classmate
2. My sister was studying e. when her friend Hillary called.
3. Tom and Jerry were fighting a. when I first saw them.
4. When they stopped talking, b. they heard the alarm.
5. We were preparing dinner d. while Jamie was watching TV.
6. As I was chopping onions, f. I cut my finger badly.

11. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 19 Cevapları

3. Look at the pictures and write sentences to describe life in ancient times.

1. People used to draw on the rocks.
2. People used to hunt animals
3. There used to be wild animals.
4. People used to use different /simple tools.

4.Think about one of your childhood memories and answer the questions.

1. Where were you? I was at the jungle.
2. Who were you with? I was with my famıly.
3. How did that day start? We woke up.Then prepared and packed our meal.
4. What were your parents doing when that event happened? They were preparing the table.
5. How did you react? I was very happy.
6. How did that affect your life? It stayed in my brain as a good memory of my childhood.

11. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 20 Cevapları

5. Work in groups of five and sit in a circle. First, look at the table of verbs. Then, one student continues the given story with one verb from the table and the other four take turns.

6. Read the following information and solve the puzzle.


11. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 21 Cevapları

7. Read the text and tick the correct answer.

1. took 2. Because 3. joined 4. was playing 5. beat 6. decided 7. has 8. will become 9. can be 10. used to be

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