7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce 1. Ünite Appearance And Personalıty Cevapları

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce 1. Ünite Appearance And Personalıty Cevapları
7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları İngilizce 1. Ünite Appearance And Personalıty Sayfa 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 Soruları ve Cevaplarını yazımızın devamından okuyabilirsiniz.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 10 Cevapları


a. What do you look like? I'm tall. I have green eyes. I'm slim.
b. What is your best friend like? He's smart honest and hardworking.


1. Match the words with the definitions and write. One Word is extra. (Kelimeleri tanımlarıyla eşleştirin ve yazın. Bir Kelime ekstradır.)

(a) slim – 4. Sized for the thinner than average person.
(b) beautiful – 3. Having beauty.
(c) generous – 5. Willing to give and share.
(d) punctual – 2. Arriving or taking place at an arranged time.
(e) selfish – 1. Caring only or chiefly for oneself.
(f) honest

2. Fill in the blanks with the given words. One word is extra. ()

Kate always tells the truth. She is a(n) honest (1) girl. She is smart (2). She always gets higher marks than us in the exams. She likes helping people. She is a generous (3). She doesn’t have a lot of friends because she isn’t outgoing (4). She is an easy-going (5) and a tolerant person. You can tell your problems to her. She always listens to you patiently. There is one negative thing about her. She’s very stubborn (6)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 11 Cevapları

1- 1 Listen and circle the correct word.
1- tall 2- slim 3- beautiful 4- curly 5- younger 6- outgoing 7- better
2- Listen and circle the words that describe Thomas. (Thomas'ı tanımlayan kelimeleri dinleyin ve daire içine alın)
3- Listen and write their names; Janet, Peter, Emma or Robert (Dinleyin ve isimlerini yazın; Janet, Peter, Emma veya Robert)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 12 Cevapları

1- Read the following speech bubble. (Aşağıdaki konuşma balonunu okuyun.)
2- Work in groups. Ask and answer questions and fill in the chart below (Gruplarla çalışmak. Soru sorun ve cevaplayın ve aşağıdaki tabloyu doldurun)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 13 Cevapları


  1. Look at the picture and guess what the text in activity 3 is about. (Resme bakın ve 3. aktivitedeki metnin ne hakkında olduğunu tahmin edin.)
  2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions. (Kitaplarınızı kapatın. CD'yi dinleyin ve soruları cevaplayın.)

(a) What is the text about? The text about is two close friends.
(b) Who are they? They are Jim and Mike.
(c) What do they look like? Jim is a handsome, tall and thin. Mike is a cute, medium height and well-built.
(d) What are they like? Jim is an easy-going, honest, generous and smart. Mike is an out-going and stubborn.

3- Open your books. Listen again and read the text. Then, do the exercises. (Kitaplarınızı açın. Tekrar dinleyin ve metni okuyun. Ardından, egzersizleri yapın.)

These are Jim and Mike. They are close friends. Jim is handsome with blue eyes and straight brown hair. He is tall and thin. Mike is a bit different from Jim. He has black hair and green eyes. He is cute with his freckles and nice smile. He is medium height but well-built. Jim likes staying at home in his free time, but Mike always hangs out with his friends. He’s more outgoing than Jim. Jim is an easy-going, honest, generous and smart boy. Mike’s more stubborn, but neither of them are selfish. They like sharing and supporting each other. They get along very well. That’s why they are good buddies.

a. Write True (T) or False (F) according to the paragraph. (Paragrafa göre Doğru (T) veya Yanlış (F) yazınız.)

  1. Mike has blue eyes and brown hair. (F)
  2. Jim is Mike’s best friend. (F)
  3. Jim is taller than Mike. (T)
  4. Mike likes meeting his friends. (T)
  5. Jim is a clever boy. (F)
  6. Mike is a selfish boy. (F)

b. Make two comparisons about Jim and Mike’s personalities and complete the chart. (Jim ve Mike'ın kişilikleri hakkında iki karşılaştırma yapın ve tabloyu tamamlayın.)


  1. Mike is more outgoing than Jim.
  2. Mike is more stubborn than Jim.
  3. Jim is taller than Mike.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 14 Cevapları

4 Read the paragraphs and match them with the pictures. (Paragrafları okuyun ve resimlerle eşleştirin.)

  1. This is Selma. She likes staying in her room and reading books. She isn’t very outgoing, but she is very punctual. She is tall. Her eyes are big and brown. She looks beautiful with her headscarf. (2)
  2. Mehmet is a nice man. He’s always kind and easy-going. He likes helping people. Mehmet is tall and slim. He has short black hair and brown eyes. (3)
  3. His name is Mark. He is young and handsome. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Mark is a generous boy. He is always honest and polite. (4)
  4. Laura is very cute with green eyes and long straight hair. She has a nice smile. Laura is a little stubborn. She is very smart. (1)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 15 Cevapları

Now, fill in the chart according to the paragraphs. (Şimdi tabloyu paragraflara göre doldurun.)

Selma_ personality: not outgoing, punctual
Selma_appearance: tall, big and brown eyes, beautiful

Mehmet_personality: nice, kind, easy-going, helpful
Mehmet_appearance: tall, slim, short black hair, brown eyes

Mark_personality: generous, honest, polite
Mark_appearance: young, handsome, blue eyes, brown hair

Laura_personality: little stubborn, very smart
Laura_appearance: cute, green eyes, straight hair, nice smile

5 Read the sentences and circle the correct words that describe Mandy. ()

  1. Mandy has curly/ straight hair.
  2. Her eyes are blue/ green.
  3. She looks ugly/ beautiful.
  4. She is dark/ blonde.
  5. She is old/ young.

Now, find out Mandy’s personality.

  1. She goes everywhere on time. She’s a punctual.
  2. She has a lot of friends. She’s an outgoing.
  3. She never tells lies. She’s an honest.
  4. She buys gifts for her friends. She’s a generous.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 16 Cevapları

6 Read the paragraph.

Hello. I’m Rosie. This is my family. My father Frank is a handsome man. He has nice brown eyes, and his hair is black. My mother Helen is beautiful with blue eyes and long straight blonde hair. Tom is my brother. He is younger than me, but he is taller.

He is a smart boy. He is more hardworking than me. And Sheila, she is my sister. She is older than Tom and me. She is a cute girl. She is more easy-going than me because I am stubborn. I love my family a lot.

1- Complete the sentences according to the paragraph. ()

  1. Rosie’s father is handsome with brown eyes and black hair.
  2. Helen has blue eyes and long straight blonde hair.
  3. Tom is younger and taller than Rosie.
  4. Sheila is a older and more easy-going than Rosie.
  5. Rosie is a stubborn girl.

2. Read the paragraph again and circle the correct option. ()

  1. Rosie’s father is handsome. (a) Father
  2. Rosie is older than her brother. (a) Brother
  3. Tom is a(n) smart boy. (b) Smart
  4. Helen has straight hair. (a) Straight

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 17 Cevapları

1- Look at the pictures and describe them (Resimlere bakın ve onları tarif edin)
Beth - She's a young beautiful girl. She has gpg lang straight bkanke hair.
Joe is handsame man. He is shart blande haie and blue ayes. He's thin.
Nazan has lang curly hair. Her ayes are green.

2- Work in pairs and ask questions to your partner about his/her family members. (Çiftler halinde çalışın ve eşinize aile üyeleri hakkında sorular sorun.)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 18 Cevapları

Look at the pictures and write short paragraphs to compare these people. (Bu insanları karşılaştırmak için resimlere bakın ve kısa paragraflar yazın.)

1. He's an old man. He has got shart grey hair. He has blue eyes. He's wearing glasses.
2. She's a young girl.


1- Prepare a poster of a famous person you like and describe his / her appearance and personality (Beğendiğiniz ünlü bir kişinin posterini hazırlayın ve görünüşünü ve kişiliğini tanımlayın)

2- Prepare a visual dictionary with the new words (Yeni kelimelerle görsel bir sözlük hazırlayın)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 19 Cevapları


1- Find five words that describe personality and five for appearance in the word search, circle and write. (Arama, daire içine alma ve yazma sözcüklerinde kişiliği tanımlayan beş sözcük ve görünüm için beş sözcük bulun.)

Personality: generous, selfish, punctual, honest, smart
Appearance: slim, plump, handsome, tall, cut

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 20 Cevapları

2- Write the opposites of the given adjectives. (Verilen sıfatların zıt anlamlılarını yazınız.)

  1. Beautiful × ugly
  2. Hardworking × lazy
  3. Young × old
  4. Kind × rude
  5. Funny × boring
  6. Tall × short
  7. Selfish × unselfish
  8. Curly × straight

3- Read the speech bubbles and match with the pictures. (Konuşma balonlarını okuyun ve resimlerle eşleştirin.)

  1. She is young. She is pretty with brown eyes and wavy brown hair. She is thin and tall. (4)
  2. He is slim and tall. His eyes are brown, and he has long straight hair. He looks handsome. (2)
  3. She has grey hair and blue eyes. She is old. She is very nice. (1)
  4. His hair is curly. He has green eyes, and he looks very attractive. (3)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 21 Cevapları

4. Write the comparative forms of the following adjectives. (Aşağıdaki sıfatların karşılaştırmalı biçimlerini yazın.)

  1. Attractive – more attractive
  2. Cute – cuter
  3. Handsome – more handsome
  4. Honest – more honest
  5. Smart – smarter
  6. Stubborn – more stubborn
  7. Punctual – more punctual
  8. Slim- slimmer
  9. Generous – more generous
  10. Tall – taller

5. Look at the pictures and compare these two girls. Use the given adjectives. (Resimlere bakın ve bu iki kızı karşılaştırın. Verilen sıfatları kullanın.)

Anne is more punctual than Jane. Anne is more easy-going than Jane. Anne is more selfish than Jane. Anne is slimmer than Jane.

Jane is taller than Anne. Jane is more honest than Anne. Jane is more outgoing than Anne. Jane is smarter than Anne.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 22 Cevapları

6- Write a short paragraph and describe Helen by using the given words. (Kısa bir paragraf yazın ve Helen'i verilen kelimeleri kullanarak tanımlayın.)

Helen is a cute with blue eyes and long wavy hair. She is thin and tall. She is honest and smart.

7- Listen and fill in the blanks. (Dinle ve boşlukları doldur.)
1. medium height
2. slim
3. taller
4. outgoing
5. punctual
6. relaxed

7. careful

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 23 Cevapları

8- Read the dialogue. (Diyaloğu oku.)

a) Write True (T) or False (F)

(T) 1. Henry is Jack's best friend.
(F) 2. Henry is never stubborn.
(T) 3. Jack is shorter than Henry.
(F) 4. Sophie is Jack’s sister.
(F) 5. Sophie is selfish and stubborn.
(T) 6. Sophie’s hair isn’t curly

b) Write a short paragraph and describe your best friend's personality and appearance. (Kısa bir paragraf yazın ve en iyi arkadaşınızın kişiliğini ve görünüşünü tanımlayın.)

My best friend has got blande hair and blue eyes. She's not very tall and she's medium weight.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 24 Cevapları

9 Do the quiz! (Testi yap!)

  1. Bob: My brother is older than me. (b) Older than
  2. Susan has a lot of friends. She is outgoing. (c) Outgoing
  3. I always go to school on time. I’m punctual. (a) Punctual
  4. Angelica is a(n) attractive woman. (c) Attractive
  5. Bill: Who’s younger than you in your family? Maria: My sister. (b) Sister

10- Answer the following questions. (Aşağıdaki soruları cevaplayın.)

1. Are you easy-going or not? I'm easy-going.
2. What do you look like? I'm tall. I have got shart blande hair.
3. What are you like? I have got green eyes.
4. Do you look like your mum or dad? I like both of them.

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