7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Ünite Sports Cevapları Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları

7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Ünite Sports Cevapları Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları
7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları İngilizce 2. Ünite Sports Sayfa 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 Soruları ve Cevaplarını yazımızın devamından okuyabilirsiniz.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 25 Cevapları

Talking about routines and daily activities. (Rutinler ve günlük aktiviteler hakkında konuşun)
Describing what people do regularly (Giving explanations and reasons) ()

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 26 Cevapları

a. What are your daily activities? (Günlük aktiviteleriniz neler?)
b. How often do you do a sport? (Ne sıklıkla spor yaparsın?)


1- Look at the pictures and write what Sally likes doing. (Resimlere bak ve Sally'in neleri severek yaptığını yaz.)

Sally likes, playing basketball, and run, Sally likes, swimming and skating.

2- Match the words with the pictures. One word is extra.

(1) a injury
(4) b equipment
(2) c spectator
() e jogging
(6) d gym
(f) f medal
(3) g draw

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 27 Cevapları

1 Listen and fill in the table. (Dinleyin ve tabloyu doldurun)

work with
the weights
and run
get up
eat healthy
go runninghave junk
food and
2 daystwice dayusuallyalways3 daysNever eat

2 Listen and write the missing words (Dinleyin ve sksikleri yazın)

Hello. I'm Doris. I'm an athlete. I get up early (1) every day. I usually (2) eat a big breakfast, and then I go to the gym. I sometimes (3) exercise in the gym, but I train in the field more often (4). I never (5) do heavy exercises not to hurt my legs.

3 Listen and fill in the charts.(Dinleyin ve çizgileri doldurun)

Indoor sportsOutdoor sports
doing judoskiing
playing BasketballJogging

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 28 Cevapları

1- Suppose you are a sportsman/woman. Work in pairs and prepare an interview.
Then, present it to your friends.

How often do you run? (Ne sıklıkla koşarsın?)
Three times a week. (Haftada 3 kere)

Örnek röportaj

How often do you work out? I always work out.
How often do you get up late? I usually get up late.
How often do you exercise in the gym? Three times a week.

2- Do a survey in the classroom and fill in the chart. (Sınıfta bir anket yapın ve tabloyu doldurun)

wake up
watch a
join a
go on a
/ train
twice a
three a
alwaysusualytwice a

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 29 Cevapları

1- Look at the pictures below and say what they are doing. (Aşağıdaki resimlere bakın ve ne yaptıklarını söyleyin)

2- Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions. (Kitaplarınızı kapatın CD'yi dinleyin ve soruları cevaplayın)
a. Who is Emma? Emma Robins is the Olimoiz and World Championship swimmer.
b. What is the interview about? Emma Robinson lifestlye and goals.

3- Open your books. Listen again and read the interview. Then, do the exercises.

a) Circle the correct option.

1. Emma is a(n) ___________.
a. athlete b. swimmer
2. Emma never gets up ____________.
a. late b. early
3. Emma doesn't train ________ day(s) in a week.
a. one b. six
4. Emma wants to win _________ gold medals at the olympics.
a. 4 b. 6

b) Complete the sentences according to the interview

1. Emma goes to the gym and swimmig pool to train.
2. She spends the day by doing excercises.
3. She watchs, TV, listen to music and rest in the evening.
4. She eats healthy food such as meat fruit and vegetables.
5. She wants to win 6 gold medals at the olympics.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 30 Cevapları

4- Read the paragraphs and match with the correct pictures. One picture is extra.

1- a 2- c 4- a

Now, answer the questions.

1. How many players are there in a team for the sport in picture 1? There are 5 players in a team for sport in picture 1.
2. What kind of sport is it in picture 2? There are 2 types. Sea and pool.
3. Which equipment do you need to do the sport in picture 3? Foot ball and football field.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 31 Cevapları

5- Look at the chart and answer the questions.

1. How often does Robert go to the gym? 4 days a week.
2. How many times does Robert work out a day ? k
3. Does Robert do an indoor sport? Yes Robert do an idoor sport 2 day
4. Does Helen wake up early every day? No, she dosen't.
5. How many days does Helen wake up late in a week? Helen wake up late on day in a week.
6. Who runs four times a week? Helen runs four times a week.

6- Suppose you are a famous sportsman/woman. Answer the questions.

Interviewer: Here are my questions. Which sport do you do? How often do you exercise?
You: I playinf football. I always do exercise.
Interviewer: How do you spend a day?
You: I spend all time a day.
Interviewer: Do you have a special diet? What is it?
You: Yes, I have a speciall diet. I always eat healty food.
Interviewer: What equipment do you use for this sport?
You: I use spikes for this sport.
Interviewer: What is an important success in your life?
You: Everday hard working very important success in my life.
Interviewer: Thank you.
You: You're welcome.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 32 Cevapları

7- Match the words with the pictures and write. One word is extra.

1- ice skating 2- swimming 3- doing judo 4- cycling 5- jogging 6- skiingskiing

Now, categorize them.

Indoor sportsOutdoor sports
ice skatingcycling
doing judojogging

8- Write the equipment that the sportsmen/women use for the following sports.

1- ice skating -->Skating
2- cycling --> bike
3- jogging --> sneakers
4- skiing --> ski

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 33 Cevapları

1- Look at the pictures and say the activities. Then, work in pairs, ask and answer the following questions

1. How often do you do a sport? I always do sport.
2. Do you do any of the sports given above? No, I dont because I always play football.
3. Why do you do exercises? Because I want healty life.
4. Which equipment do you use for the sport you do? I use spikes when I play football.

2- Prepare a speech about your routines / daily activies by using frequency
adverbs. Then, introduce it to the class.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 34 Cevapları

Read Mark's weekly routine he wrote in his blog.

Now, write in your imaginary blog and tell about your weekly routine.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 35 Cevapları

Listen and number

a-2 b-5 c-4 d-3 e-8 f-6 g-1 h-7

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 36 Cevapları

2- Complete the chart. (Grafiği tamamla)

1- Never 2- seldom 3- sometimes 4- usually 5- always

3- Answer the questions.

How often do you ...
do a sport? Usually
play basketball? seldom
exercise? always
go on a diet? sometimes
eat healthy food? usually
watch a sports programme? seldom

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 37 Cevapları

4- Read and match A with B. One answer is extra in column B.

1 James trains very hard because. (d- he wants to get the gold medal.)
2 I usually go running. (f- in the park near my house.)
3 How often do you swim? (a- Once or twice in a week.)
4 Katie always wakes up early. (b- when she goes to the gym.)
5 Do you often go on a diet? (c- No, never.)
6 Terry never eats junk food, so. (e- he’s very healthy.)

5 - Write how often you do these sports. Use the given frequency adverbs.

1- I always play football.
2- I never play basketball.
3- I usually cyling.
4- I sometimes jogging.
5- I offen swimming.
6- I never climp to mountain.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 38 Cevapları

6- Do a survey in the classroom.

How often do you ...Names
work out in the gym?Anıl
eat fast food?Volkan
go to a match?Abdulmecid
get up late?Orhan
go running?Volki

7- Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. One word is extra.

1. Sportsmen may have some injuries while doing exercises.
2. Football is an outdoor sport.
3. James hit three goals in the last match.
4. There were thousands of spectators in the stadium to watch the final match.
5. Katie won five gold medals last year. It was a great success.
6. The score was a draw. None of the teams could score a goal.
7. Our school team lose the opponent team 2-0.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 39 Cevapları

8- Read the dialogue.

a) Write True (T) or False (F).

(F) 1. Laura is an interviewer.
(T) 2. Laura doesn't get up late in the morning.
(F) 3. Laura trains twice in a day.
(T) 4. Laura goes to the swimming pool six times in a week.
(T) 5. Laura never eats healthy food.

b) Answer the questions.

1. What does Laura do? Laure is great swimmer.
2. When does Laura go to the gym? Laure go the gym every day
3. How long does Laura exercise in a day? Laure exercise four hours in a day.
4. What kind of a diet does Laura have She always eat healthy food never energy drinks.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 40 Cevapları

9- Do the quiz!

1- c 2- b 3- a 4- c 5- a

10- Answer the following questions.

1. Do you do a sport? Why? Why not? Yes I do. I always go to the gym because I am fat.
2. How often do you exercise? I usually do exercise.
3. What is your favourite sport? My favorite sport is football.
4. What should a sportsman do? Sportsman should always eats healthyl.

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