7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce 7. Ünite Dreams Cevapları

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce 7. Ünite Dreams Cevapları

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları İngilizce 7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 Soruları ve Cevaplarını yazımızın devamından okuyabilirsiniz.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 106 Cevapları

a. Do you have any dreams? (Hiç hayalin var mı?) Yes, I have any dreams.
b. What will you do in the future? (Gelecekte ne yapacaksın?) I will be great engineer.

  • perhaps : probably
  • idea : opinion
  • predict : guess
  • job : career
  • wonderful : excellent
  • get : receive

1 Match the synonyms of the words given in the box and write. One word is extra.(Kutuda verilen kelimelerin eş anlamlılarını eşleştirin ve yazın. Bir kelime fazladan.)

2 Tick (✔) the ones you think you'll have in the future. Then, write.(Gelecekte sahip olacağınızı düşündüklerinizi işaretleyin (✔). Sonra yaz.)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 107 Cevapları

1 Listen and write about Nazan's and William's future life.(Nazan'ın ve William'ın gelecekteki hayatı hakkında dinleyin ve yazın)

2 Listen and fill in the blanks.(Dinle ve boşlukları doldur)

Hello. I’m Dorothy. I have some dreams (1) for my future. I will definitely (2) go to a university, because I want to have an excellent (3) career (4). Then, I guess (5) I will fi nd a job in a city (6). I may make new friends (7) there and have good relationships (8). Oh! I forgot to say. I will get married (9) and have two(10) children.

3 Listen again and write True (T) or False (F).(Tekrar dinleyin ve Doğru (T) veya Yanlış (F) yazın)
(T) 1. Dorothy wants to attend a university.
(F) 2. She wants to find a job in a village.
(F) 3. She wants to have five children.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 108 Cevapları

1 Make predictions about your future under the given headings. (Verilen başlıklar altında geleceğiniz hakkında tahminler yapın.)

  • I will make a good career.
  • I wil have a healthy life.
  • I will graduate from a good university and I will make a good life for myself.

2 Work in pairs. Ask the following questions to each other and get the answer. (İkili çalışın. Aşağıdaki soruları birbirinize sorun ve cevabı alın.)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 109 Cevapları

1 Look at the picture and guess who they are and what they are talking about. (Resme bakın ve kim olduklarını ve ne hakkında konuştuklarını tahmin edin.)

2 Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions. (Kitaplarınızı kapatın. CD'yi dinleyin ve soruları cevaplayın.)

a. What are Maria's dreams for the future? (Maria'nın gelecek için hayalleri nelerdir?)

b. What does Maria's mother think about her future? (Maria'nın annesi geleceği hakkında ne düşünüyor?)

3 Open your books. Listen and read the dialogue. Then, do the exercises. (Kitaplarınızı açın. Diyaloğu dinleyin ve okuyun. Ardından egzersizleri yapın.)

a Circle the correct option. (Doğru seçeneği daire içine alın.)
1- B 2- A 3- B

b Tick (✔) the pictures mentioned in the dialogue (Diyalogda belirtilen resimleri işaretleyin (✔))
(✔) 1, 2, 3, 5 ve 6

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 110 Cevapları

4 Read the newspaper article. (Gazete makalesini okuyun.)

a Complete the sentences according to the news. (Habere göre cümleleri tamamlayın.)

  1. The news is about what will happen in the future’
  2. One of the prediction is to communicate through another brain.
  3. People will have the technologyto control to change the weather.
  4. It will rain in deserts, because People will grow trees in the deserts
  5. Tourism will develop in space because companies will manufacture a lot of space shuttles to travel.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 111 Cevapları

b Answer the questions according to the article on page 110. (Soruları 110. sayfadaki makaleye göre cevaplayın.)
1. How will people be able to communicate in the future? People will be able to pick up thoughts and send them to another brain.
2. What is the benefit of controlling the weather? We will prevent some disasters like floods, hurricanes, etc. 
3. What will happen when the deserts become rainforests? People will grow trees in the deserts, and they will all be green. That means morerain. Will fall, and there won’t be any droughts.
4. What will companies make to travel in space? People will buy cheap tickets and tourism will be one important area.

5 Read the predictions about the year 2100. Give numbers 1-6 in order to the
possibility of them to you. (2100 yılı ile ilgili tahminleri okuyun. bunların size olasılığı.)
People will find water on the other planets.
(6) We will live in huge spaceships.
(1) There will be more disasters.
(5) It will snow in summer.
(2) We won't eat food but we will feed on pills.
(4) Everybody will have robots.

Now, write two more predictions of your own about the year 2100. Then, share
them with your friends.

  • We will have flying cars.
  • We will control computers by using our brain.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 112 Cevapları

6 Read the sentences and complete them by making meaningful predictions.

  1. I keep sneezing and coughing. I guess I will be ill.
  2. I am in the park right now, and there’s a “ssss” sound coming from the bushes. I think I will see a snake.
  3. Jack did a lot of campaigns about saving the rain forests last year. I think he will get a prize about it.
  4. We should teach our children to love other people and their countries, to be respectful to nature and animals, to take responsibilities in their relations, so the world will be better.
  5. Technology is developing rapidly. People prefers receiving the news as quickly as possible. I think the Internet will be faster.

7 Look at the example and fill in the chart. (Cümleleri okuyun ve anlamlı tahminler yaparak tamamlayın. 7 Örneğe bakın ve tabloyu doldurun.)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 113 Cevapları

1 Discuss the following questions in groups of three. (Aşağıdaki soruları üçlü gruplar halinde tartışın.)

2 Work in pairs and build up short dialogues. Use the questions and expressions given in the box. (İkili çalışın ve kısa diyaloglar oluşturun. Kutuda verilen soru ve ifadeleri kullanın.)

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 114 Cevapları

Write your predictions about future events in a short paragraph. Use the following headings and the given expressions. (Kısa bir paragrafta gelecekteki olaylar hakkında tahminlerinizi yazın. Aşağıdaki başlıkları ve verilen ifadeleri kullanın.)
I think there will be more disasters. I believethere will be more mail the future. I guess there will be very important developments in scince. Probably, technology will develop fast. Definitely, people will be healthier.

Assignments (Ödevler)
1 Read the following letter. Then, write a simple letter about your dreams and
expectations of the future. (Aşağıdaki mektubu okuyun. Ardından hayalleriniz hakkında basit bir mektup yazın ve geleceğin beklentileri.)

2 Expand your visual dictionary with new words. (Görsel sözlüğünüzü yeni kelimelerle genişletin.)
Dear Life, 15 years later, married and had a family happy I’ll be., A wife who loves me and 4 children. A housewife, and my children buyutene, the profession, but I’ll do it when I want, and I will con-tinue.A profession, I want to be a Fashion designer.lt really is a profession that I love, and that I am capable of. This, too.. I am the creator is all about fashion, and I have a lot of drawing.The famous exhibition of some of my drawings took place.This bright most of my friends in the future, he says.But to choose this profession and English Teacher of great help for future ligh-ting, thank you very much.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 115 Cevapları

1 Fill in the charts. (Grafikleri doldurun.)

  1. I will have a diploma.
  2. I will buy a great house.
  3. I will buy expensive car.
  4. I will get married.
  5. I will have two childs.


  1. I will be doctor.
  2. I will have a dog.
  3. I will be bad person.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 116 Cevapları

2 Listen and tick (✓) the pictures mentioned in Hüseyin's speech. (Hüseyin'in konuşmasında bahsedilen resimleri dinleyin ve işaretleyin (✓).)
(✓) a, b, d ve f

Now, write about Hüseyin's dreams for his future. (Şimdi Hüseyin'in geleceği için hayallerini yazın.)

  • He will buy a house.
  • He will a diploma.
  • He will get a car.
  • He will have a successful carrer.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 117 Cevapları

3 Tick (✓) the ones you will do in the future and write a short paragraph. (İleride yapacaklarınızı işaretleyin (✓) ve kısa bir paragraf yazın.)
(✓) adopt a dog / cat
(✓) get a job
(✓) have children
(✓) buy a house
(✓) work hard
(✓) attend a university
travel around the world
(✓) get married

I will work hard an attend a iiniverstiy I will get a job and buy a house. Than I will get married and have children I will adopt a dog.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 118 Cevapları

4 Write six things that will happen in the world. Use the given adjectives. (Dünyada olacak altı şeyi yazın. Verilen sıfatları kullanın.)

  • The world will be a peaceful place.
  • Everyone will try to be popular.
  • Everything will be excellent.
  • The Internet will be much more famous
  • Water will be very important.
  • The world will be better.

5 Look at the list and write which one you will/won’t do in the future. (Listeye bakın ve gelecekte hangisini yapacağınızı / yapmayacağınızı yazın.)


  • become famous
  • graduate from university
  • make good friends
  • adopt a pet


  • write a book
  • travel to the moon
  • sail around the world

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 119 Cevapları

6 Read the sentences and respond to the predictions with the appropriate
expressions below. (Cümleleri okuyun ve tahminlere uygun şekilde yanıt verin. aşağıdaki ifadeler.)

  • 1. You will go to Paris for holiday next summer. I hope so
  • 2. You will get a university diploma in the future. I think so
  • 3. You will make a lot of good friends at university. Definitely
  • 4. You will receive a lot of gifts very soon. I hope not
  • 5. You will catch a cold next week I think so
  • 6. You won’t make a good career.  I hope not

7 Make predictions about the following. (Aşağıdakiler hakkında tahminlerde bulunun.)

1. Write two things that you’ll do next year.
a. l will go to Mardin
b. I will buy new sport shoe.

2. The place you’ll live in the future. I will live in Antalya
3. The pet you think you’ll have. I will have a dog.
4. The activities you’ll do. I will do biagef juring.
5. The job you’ll have in the future. I will be a engineer.

7. Sınıf Bilim ve Kültür İngilizce Sayfa 120 Cevapları

8 Do the quiz! (Testi yapın!)
1- C 2- D 3- B 4- D 5- A

9 Answer the questions. (Soruları cevapla.)
1. What are your future dreams? I will be great engineer.
2. Where do you think you will live in the future? I will in Istanbul.
3. Do you have a career plan for the future? Yes, I have a career plan fot the future.
4. Can you make a guess for the future of the world? Yes, I can make a guess for the future of the world.

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