9. Sınıf Pasifik İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 10. Ünite Television and Social Media Cevapları

9. Sınıf Pasifik İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 10. Ünite Television and Social Media Cevapları

9. Sınıf Pasifik İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı 10. Ünite Television and Social Media Sayfa 55, 56, 57, 58 Soruları ve Cevaplarını yazımızın devamından okuyabilirsiniz.

9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 55 Cevapları

1. Choose the name for each definition.
1. A funny series about the lives of fictional characters is a ________________.
a. sitcom b. reality show c. soap opera

2. A TV programme that documents real life events is a ________________.
a. sitcom b. drama c. documentary

3. A show that reports world events is ___________.
a. a documentary b. news c. a reality show

4. Animated films are ________________.
a. cartoons b. documentaries c. comedy films

5. ________________ is a serial drama about the lives of many characters.
a. A soap opera b. A movie c. A sitcom

2. Choose the best alternative.
1. I think some reality shows are interesting.
– ________________. They are boring and disturbing. The players are not honest.
a. I don’t think so b. That’s for sure c. Absolutely

9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 56 Cevapları

2. - We have many scientific and cultural programmes on TV. They give new opportunities for our society.
– ________________. TV is a very important factor in our information society.
a. That’s not always the case b. I’m not so sure about it c. You have a point there.

3. - Children spend a lot of time in front of TV. Teachers must teach them how to pick out the best programmes.
– ________________. Parents are responsible for the habits of their children.
a. I couldn’t agree more b. I think so c. I don’t agree with you

4. – There is too much violence on TV and it affects teenagers. Teenage crime rate is growing.
– ________________. This is becoming a great problem of modern society.
a. No doubt about it b. No way c. Sorry to interrupt you

5. – Depression is a well-known psychological problem of modern society. Watching TV a lot is one of the reasons of this illness.
– ________________ Violence, crimes and wars on TV cause psychological tension, pessimism and negative personality.
a. I’d say exactly the opposite. b. Can I add something here? c. I mean

9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 57 Cevapları

3. What will you do? Write a statement.

1. You fell down in the middle of the street. I will ask for help.
2. Your grandmother gives you £3000 for your birthday. I will keep it in a bank.
3. There is no food in the house. I'll do shopping.
4. You hate a program on TV. I won't watch it.
5. You missed your lesson. I'll ask a friend to give me his lesson notes.
6. You've got a big sandwich and a hungry dog is looking at you. I'll give some of it to the dog.

4. What will happen in the future? Write sentences. You can use clues.


9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 58 Cevapları

5. Read the text and answer the questions.

1. Why are these dramas called “soap operas”? Because detergent makers sponsored these proggammes in the early days of television.
2. Where did soap operas begin? They began in America.
3. What is “Eastenders” about? It is about Londoners and their lives in the east end of london.
4. What is the difference between American and British soap operas? American soap operas are about rich and powerful people howener, British soap operas are about ordinary people.

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